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At Debt-IN we aim to build long-term strategic relationships with our clients through our unsurpassed commitment to service excellence

Our aim is to become the service provider of choice to reputable lenders and providers of incidental credit countrywide, in respect of unique debt recovery solutions and professional credit advisory services.

In collaboration with our clients, we develop strategies and workflow unique to each client’s operational environment. Your success is important to us. An experienced collections expert forms part of the engagement and management of your account, ensuring delivery of your strategy and desired outcomes.

Our people are at the core of everything we do. Teams receive regular account specific training in addition to continuous upskilling, calibration and side-by-side coaching, empowering them to achieve optimal outcomes.

As your brand ambassadors, we are custodians of your brand ensuring each engagement with your clients are conducted professionally, ethically and consistently every time, operating from a central communication platform, we guarantee an omni-channel experience.

With an Intrinsic understanding of the receivables cycle, we are highly effective in our approach to debt collections and credit control functions, and have the ability to customise our solutions quickly, and integrate into our client’s back office systems and processes seamlessly. We deliver both bespoke reporting or vanilla reporting extracted from our systems.

We partner with our clients, operating as an extension to their own teams and engage with our clients client’s as either Debt-IN or as our client.

At Debt-IN quality assurance isn’t just part of our process but a principle entrenched in how we train our employees and conduct our operations. We observe our agent’s calls and analyse the quality of the calls when dealing with debtors in line with our clients expectations.

At Debt-IN we do not simply “audit calls” to ascertain if collectors are collecting money effectively, we ensure that our employees comply with the law at all times.

We use internationally recognised quality software with external and internal quality specialists determining the effectiveness of our agents performance based on measurable benchmarks.

We regularly re-evaluate our QA strategies to stay ahead of the industry, develop and change scripts when necessary. Through continuous coaching interventions we strive to be the Best of the Best by not only focusing on “How much money?” but “How did we get that money?.”

Debt-IN is registered with the Debt Collections Council (030355/08) as well as with the Financial Services Board and hold a Level 1 BBBEE verification rating.

Our Services

We either operate in your environment as ‘you’ servicing your clients or as Debit-IN,
dependent on your need and preference.

Experts in Debt Recovery

Debt-IN is fast becoming the service provider of choice to reputable lenders and providers of incidental credit countrywide. It is Debt-IN’s unique recovery solutions and professional credit advisory services that set us apart.

Credit and Distressed Debit Advisory Specialists

Debt-IN has a superior track record, having delivered substantially improved recovery rates, and significant net cost savings for our clients.

Debt-IN’s systems and processes have been developed to world class standards with our infrastructure designed to manage the entire revenue value chain. We normally require approximately 3 months for any credit control mandate to gain full traction.

We will operate as your Credit Controllers, communicating with the customer as if they were communicating directly with you. This service includes:
  1. Requesting remittance advices for unallocated payments
  2. Allocating payments on your system
  3. Following up on statements and invoices sent
  4. Reconciling customer accounts
  5. Resolving customer queries on the account

Once we have fully understood our client’s internal processes, we define where we can add value to your operational processes and your brand. We typically take on work with a three phased approach; namely Normal Collection process, Soft Collection process, and Hard Collection process.

Collections and Recovery

Debt-IN offers a professional and effective debt recovery service to both large institutions and small businesses.

Our services include:
  • Customisable debt recovery
  • Customisable credit control solutions
  • Utilisable service components

Consulting Services

Debt-IN’s professional Consulting division was established to assist businesses with credit related challenges.

Our services include:
  • Valuations
  • Assurances
  • Critical analyses and turnaround strategies
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