Experts in Debt-Recovery.
Specialist Advisors on Credit and Distressed Debt

Debt-IN is fast becoming the service provider of choice to reputable lenders and providers of incidental credit countrywide. It is Debt-IN's unique debt recovery solutions and professional credit advisory services that set it apart.

Customised debt recovery solutions

Our solutions are customised according to the profile of your debtor book, and the extent to which you wish to pursue the collection. For example, some clients request that we do not take legal action against their debtors, whilst some wish for us to pursue urgent legal action culminating in attachment of assets.

Customised credit control solutions

We have customized solutions for clients who wish for us to contact their debtors in the name of their company, and not in the name of Debt-IN. In effect, we then become an outsourced debtor department for those clients. In cases such as these, we set up dedicated telephone lines and e-mail addresses in the name of our client, in order to facilitate communication with debtors as if they are dealing with our client directly. The fact that these clients are willing to entrust us with their brand and reputation is testament to the relationships of trust that we enjoy with all our clients.

Utilisable service components

The following individual components / derivatives of our collections and recovery service are available to our clients:

  • Trace
  • Legal
  • Customer Services Centre
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Automated Systems Integration

Benefits of using our debt recovery and credit control services

We are uncompromising in our commitment that every mandate we enter into will produce a noticeable net financial benefit or improvement for our client.

The benefits of using our services are self-evident:

  • Improved cash flows
  • Improved income statement results through reduction of bad debts and increased bad debt recoveries.
These benefits are realised by our clients without compromise to their brand or reputation.

Fees for debt recovery and credit control solutions

Our collection service works on risk, in other words we charge a fee as a percentage of the money that we collect. With the vast majority of our mandates there are no upfront charges whatsoever prior to us collecting money. It is only in rare instances that we request monies upfront; these instances normally occur where advanced legal action is required, and we consider it possible that the debtor does not have attachable assets, or that the debt is not clearly defined and the matter may be successfully defendable by the debtor.


Our Professional Consulting division was established for the purpose of assisting businesses with credit-related challenges. We are able to assist you with the following


We have performed valuations on both the buy and sell side, of distressed and performing debtor portfolios. These valuations may be performed on behalf of distressed debt investors (such as hedge funds), for potential sellers of distressed (or performing) loan books, or as part of due diligence exercises in mergers and acquisitions.


This service involves the audit and rating of debtor books on behalf of finance institutions, where these institutions hold aforementioned debtor books as collateral against funds advanced. Our directorate possesses extensive audit experience and is qualified to perform the attest function.

Critical analyses and turnaround strategies

These services involve the performance of in-depth analyses in respect of companies’ entire credit management functions or specific areas of concern, culminating in the formulation of remedial turnaround strategies. Where possible and practicable, we will take the lead role in the subsequent implementation of these strategies.