Experts in Debt-Recovery.
Specialist Advisors on Credit and Distressed Debt
Mark Essey

Qualifications: B.Com, B.Com Honours, ACMA

Mark graduated with his B. Com degree in 1992. After working for a steel fabrication and construction company for 5 years and having attained the position of Financial Director he resigned to further his studies full time. A year later he graduated with his B.Com Honours degree and sat for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants board exam in the first half of 1999, which he passed and attained the CIMA qualification.
In January 1999, Mark joined FNB in the role of Assistant Financial Manager, and was made a Financial Manager 6 months later. In July of 2000 Mark left FNB to pursue a dream of working on the stock exchange, and he Joined Anglorand Securities as a Private Client Stockbroker.

In May 2002 Mark left Anglorand and rejoined FNB heading up the MIS area for the Electronic Banking Division. In this role Mark was successful in building a fully functioning and robust MIS and Activity Based Costing system for Electronic Banking, something that had not been done before.

Mark was approached to join the Debtor Finance division at FNB in October of 2003, which he did. At Debtor Finance, Mark headed up the operations area and also played a sales support role.

Mark left Debtor Finance in July 2006 to join his father-in-law in a retail property development business called Flanagan & Gerard. At Flanagan & Gerard he was actively involved in the sourcing of new development projects, leasing of space in the developments that Flanagan & Gerard are developing and was responsible for the asset management of the various investments that Flanagan & Gerard have in a number of regional shopping centres. Mark left Flanagan & Gerard in July 2008 to manage Debt-IN on a full time basis.