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Specialist Advisors on Credit and Distressed Debt
Hena Sugudhav

Qualifications: B.Com, B.Com Honours

Hena has built a strong reputation in Management Consulting at Debt-IN over a career spanning 4 years. Soon after completing her degree in 2007 at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, she started at Debt-IN as an agent in the call centre in 2008, where her duties included calling debtors, setting up payment arrangement plans and managing the database.

Within a month of working as an agent, Hena was promoted to the position of team leader. At the time, the call centre employed five agents, who all reported to her. In April 2009, Debt-IN expanded its operations and Hena was tasked with heading up the company’s largest banking collections team. Due to her success in this area, Hena was promoted to Operations Manager where she was responsible for the agents in the call centre, allocation of work to the agents, as well as reporting to clients and client relationship management.

In September 2011, she was appointed as Operations Director, where she successfully manages the back office. In this position, Hena is responsible for allocation of work, client progress reports, liaising with potential new clients to brief them on Debt-IN policy and procedures. She actively reports on and manages the performance of the agents and is involved in training new and existing agents.