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The rise and rise of unsecured lending

The explosion in unsecured lending was triggered when the cap on interest rates was scrapped in 2007 and the subsequent scrap for market share spurned some dangerous practices. This month s...Read more

New Year, Old Debt? Don’t let it happen to you

It’s a well-known fact that during the December/January period, consumers are over-extended. Household debt is not going to come down, not with the splurges of gifts for the festive season an...Read more

ADRA defends use of garnishee orders

The Association of Debt Recovery Agents (Adra) has called for a sustainable and equitable solution to ensure that consumers are protected against debt, but also that responsible credit remains part...Read more

Financial health of consumers plummets

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) recently released its ‘Consumer Credit Market’ and ‘Credit Bureau Monitor’ reports, which are based on the data submitted to the Regulato...Read more

Selecting the right kind of debt collection service provider is critical for your financial and brand well-being

With banks issuing more and more credit, unsecured retail lending is at an all-time high. With debt levels continuing to grow, and payment patterns continuing to deteriorate, how will you collect o...Read more

No unsecured lending bubble

However, spiraling lending to ordinary South Africans is a concern. Finance Minister, PravinGordhan says the surge in unsecured lending in credit cards and personal loans poses a very low r...Read more

R3bn stolen from employees

Low- and middle-income consumers are increasingly feeling the brunt of collection attorneys who are overcharging and abusing the garnishee order deduction mechanism. According to Clark Gard...Read more

Today's debtors should still be valuable customers tomorrow

The face of debt recovery has changed quite dramatically in recent years. Those sinister connotations associated with the words debt collection are dissipating as both creditors and consumers begin...Read more

The number of credit-active consumers in our economy

Some interesting statistics regarding the number of credit-active consumers in our economy, the number of adversely listed consumers, and the total number of consumer credit accounts in the market,...Read more

Unsecured lending remains highly profitable for financial institutions

This month’s article by Reuters, which appeared on Moneyweb on 22 March 2012, explores how the allure of living beyond one’s means for brand conscious South Africans and the temptation ...Read more