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Looking back at the journey of 2013

Mark Essey | December 2013

As the year winds down to a close, there is always a tangible excitement in the air. Schools close and families prepare for well-deserved holidays. Many businesses start tapering off and reflecting on the year that was, as they make plans for a new calendar.

Reflecting on the last year, we at Debt-IN are excited to report many proud achievements, one of them being that we have reached Level 1 on the B-BBEE scorecard. Our company achieved these empowerment criteria by focusing primarily on skills transfer and development. Each company has a role to play in the journey to transformation, just as every individual has the responsibility to embrace the opportunities. At Debt-IN, we take pride in the fact that we’re on this journey together – whether it is through a bursary, sponsored studies or an upliftment programme.

Just as every company and its staff are on a journey, so is every country. South Africa has not been without its challenges in two decades of democracy. The media and private sector have been divided in opinion over the recent Goldman Sachs Report on SA, "Two Decades Of Freedom. What South Africa Is Doing With It, And What Now Needs To Be Done". Some see it as biased towards an ANC-led government, while others see it as an accurate analysis of the growth and changes in South Africa. For us, the focus must be on the future. For Debt-IN, that means looking at the credit landscape. No doubt there is a huge credit burden on consumers, but the stance on recovering debt is far more positive than it was in the past. There is an atmosphere of cooperation and rehabilitation, rather than punitive or bullying tactics.

A journey, no matter how great or small, is always about change. The Protection of Personal Information (Popi) Act is a case in point. New legislation now enforces processes that protect the consumer, such as voice recordings in collection call centres or how personal information is accessed. We welcome these changes – as much as it protects the consumer, it also protects banks, borrowers and recovery agents. The Debt-IN Call Centre is fully compliant with this legislation. As always, we are sensitive to how any personal information is treated, processed or shared. The ethical way is always the best way to conduct business.

Each journey comes with a wealth of experiences, sometimes good and often times full of trial. However, each will deliver its own truth. If you move forward with integrity and passion, the outcome will always be positive.

Let's remember with appreciation one of the world’s greatest journeys that we were privileged enough to be witness to. Let’s remember the journey of our beloved Madiba, how it touched us and how it touched the world. And then when we remember, let's not leave it there but rather allow that remembrance to inspire us to action and be the generation Madiba encouraged us to be. Let’s all do what we can to be the generation that makes a difference. No matter how small you may think that difference is, it counts. So give gifts of all kinds this festive season.

We wish you well on your journey this holiday season—we’ll see you back, safe and sound, in 2014.